College Heights - A Neighborhood Church

At College Heights, we are seeking God which will lead to church renovation and geographic saturation. We are a praying people and we will blanket our neighborhood in prayer.  Our ultimate desire is for families to be God-centered and that the majority of Christian teaching will come from the home. We strive for every church member to “walk humbly with God.” We will seek God and join God in His work in northwest Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas, and the world. 

At College Heights, we seek to train the next generation of leaders for the Kingdom of God. We are focused on our children and helping them to grow in their faith. Bible Study is a priority at College Heights and every church member is encouraged to participate in a Sunday Morning Bible Study. 

Our desire is to be a neighborhood church. We seek to serve the residents of our community and help them with spiritual and physical needs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At College Heights, We ACT